VeraPortraitMy name is Vera Varley. I am fashion and editorial photographer.

I am passionate with arts, different cultures and inspired by people. I try to answer as precisely as I can the needs of my clients.  In my work I like to incorporate storytelling, graphical elements and play of light and shadow. I draw my creative energy from art books, design magazines, paintings, theatre, films with happy endings and just everyday life.

I first fell in love with photography at the age of twelve, when my older brother showed me how to develop black and white film. It felt like I was a part of the secret magical universe.  But it was not until much later in life, after lots of experimenting, photography classes and practice, that I decided to pursue photography as my full time career.

Like any art project, a photo shoot requires lots of planning and preparation. It starts with a great idea, sketches and mood boards. Then there is a special recipe: a nice background, original props, unusual decorations, crazy outfits, fantastic make-up, gorgeous hair and beautiful lighting. But the main ingredient is the model that takes center stage and fills the frame with her strong presence.

I  am equally excited to be shooting in the studio or on location. In studio I often paint my backgrounds and build my own props. Everything is important in an image: from composition and color to the expression of the model. Every photograph should be a piece of fine art.

Speaking English, French and Russian I am an international fashion photographer with a dream to share my creative adventure with likeminded passionate individuals.

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